Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Crime....

Well i've been talking about concequences of what i've done and the message i got from cashbiatch on my previous post tells me i should say what i've done and then it may give people a better idea of the situation i'm in. It's funny i'm really ashamed of what it is which is why i tend not to mention it to people, but here goes...

My life was going really well up until January 07. I had a good job working for an american corporation, new house with my partner Kirsty who i loved dearly, poker going well though that isn't important and then this happened:

(3rd post down "Change")

Everything went downhill for me there really and didn't really notice it happening. I started going out more and got in with the wrong crowd and got into drugs. Over a long period of time work was getting badly affected and i was spending stupid amounts of money and alienating friends and family. It got to the stage in august when i was arrested in edinburgh with a load of class A on me and am now on bail pending trial. I told work exactly what had happened and they let me resign before they sacked me. I'm now in so much debt that i will be made bankrupt in the next few months and lose my house. I'm in regular councelling sessions trying to get to the bottom of why this all happened.

It's strange really, the charge is serious but i'm getting good character references, as it IS out of character. Everyone is saying they can't believe how i managed to get myself into this, i can't either, but that doesn't stop me from feeling that i've let everyone down, it's hardly a conversation you want to have with your mum is it??

I told my ex before she emigrated to Australia with her new boyfriend who she met whilst we were still together and after 8 years together she is refusing to do a single A4 page character reference as is her family. I would understand if i'd done anything wrong but i didn't, she left me for someone else..

So i have no money at the moment, which is why i need work. I don't know when i'll be in court, They have a year to prosecute so anytime up to august. I wish it was tommorrow i just want it over and done with.

It's funny, i've been going over my archives, i went through a stage of not playing and now i can't win at $1 heads up sit and go's!! Have i got really bad? Has the standard improved? Or i just not in the right place at the moment to be playing? I expect the latter... these posts in my archive cheered me up a bit though, i could do with the same now!!

Top two posts here, didn't end up going to the WSOP just took the $4k.. should have done really i doubt they'll let me in the states now..


I forgot this one.... !!


cashbiatch said...

Matt cheers for your honesty. I'm possibly a bit naive on this kind of charge, I assume when you say a large amount, it was a large enough amount to make the police charge you as a dealer? I can't make a comment on what you did, I can however say that if, as you say, this was all out of character, and it's all behind you, I genuinely hope the courts will see that.
Good luck with the counselling, it does sound like it is helping, but don't know what to suggest to you on the job front - is there no one you know can give you any kind of part time work even?

United113 said...

there could be friends to give me part time work. Am not being charged as a dealer (intent to supply) but am being charged with "Concerned in the supply" which covers a whole range of things. The courts should see it's out of character but i think there's only a certain amount of leway they'll give... i'd know more if i ever could get in contact with my solicitor.... grrr

cashbiatch said...

ok - change your solicitor straight away. seriously, we think they all do the same job but not true, some aren't arsed.
May sound really naff this but (don't laugh) have you considered voluntary work? yeh i kno u mite feel like a gimp but if you need character refs and steady employment, especially if u have a while b4 court, thsi is the way forward! Doesn't have 2 b charity shops that smell of wee - nice - you can help at animal centres, community centres whatever, just make sure you choose something that will hopefully work in ur favour.

United113 said...

I can't change my solicitor it's daft really. I have to use a solicitor in scotland to be able to claim legal aid and to transfer legal aid i would have to go apply to the court to get that changed, so even though he hasn't called me lately, there may not ba a reason for him to call me, or so he would say. The court wouldn't tranfer legal aid just becuase he doesn't return my calls so it looks like i'm stuck with him...

I did think about voluntary work a while back but it had slipped my mind, i'll have a look into and let you know


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