Monday, November 03, 2008

Off to a good start

Well i managed to get some money from the car boot sale which i basically just handed straight back to my mum.. I created a Full tilt account in her name under the username United113mark2 and deposited $50 to have a punt.

I started playing some of the STT matrix tournaments which are a bit weird. 6 people join but you play the same 6 people on 4 different tables getting paid to finish in the top 2 of each table but you also get points for knocking players out and outlasting players. It seemed like a good idea but got all a bit too complicated really. I then started playing some heads up STT which is my preferred game at $6 limits and won a bit but then had aces cracked twice all in preflop so now have a bankroll of $53.43. So i'm $3 which is poor but still a profit.

I have a meeting with the C.A.B tommorrow to discuss my debt level and i'm expecting them to recommend bankruptsy. I know it probably seems strange talking about that and playing poker in the same post, but it's hard having no money and being at home all the time as you can't afford to do anything or have means of transport and there's only so much pottering about and watching telly you can do, so at least i can take my mind of things for a bit and play a bit of poker at small limits and hopefully win a timy bit.

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Steve H. said...

Hi buddy, I just came across your site while I was on my friend caroline's (gobshite on legs) site.

I'm not certain on your back ground but have read enough of your blog to know that you are going through shit at the moment as are 98% of the poker community.
I have to find around £5k every month to cover my overheads with an income of around £3k so you can only rob peter to pay paul for a limited time before the inevitable happens. I hope your luck swings in the right direction sooner rather than later and things pick up for you, I also know from my own situation how difficult it is to write about anything - let alone positive things when there is so much negativity going on in your life at the moment. Just keep in there bud, have put a link on my site to follow your blog and will be thinking of you, good luck.