Monday, November 17, 2008

No Bankroll

Well i haven't a bank roll anymore... I don't like full tilt i've decided. Come to think of it i wish i had deposited onto Virgin, i feel more confortable there.I know in theory they're all the same but you do get attached to certain sites and i like Virgin. It's soon to be leaving boss for its own platform so it'll be interesting to see what it's like...

In personel terms, i signed on last week so am now getting £60 a week thats getting paid straight into my mums account as it'll be eaten up in mine. It's actually a sad state of affairs that i'm actually thinking about stacking shelves on a night shift in tesco when a month ago i was earning 36k with a brand new BMW company car, but I will get a high vis jacket at tesco..

I spoke to a couple of friends, one who owns a ham factory in Norwich that might have temporary work. I could have got a job with another friend who managers a branch of a finance office but you need to pass a credit check which i won't... I thought about getting bar work but my councellor said that wasn't a good idea..

I think my solicitor will call me tommorow, my mum called him for me to get him to call me as my phone's been cut off. He recently sent me a letter to sign saying i plead guilty so i need to know whether i still go to court to say i'm guilty or just for sentancing.. I also could do with knowing which prison i'll likely go to.. I'll be in court in edinburgh so probably there but hopefully i can get moved to Norwich...

I've been listening to loads of music lately so might sporadically post my top 10 songs at the moment, not neccasarily new songs just what i've been listening to:

1. Ash - Lose Control (B side not 1st track on 1977)
2. The Futureheads - Hounds of love
3. Enemy - Pressure
4. Wombats - Moving to New York
5. Journey - Don't stop believing
5. Black Kids - I'm Not going to teach your boyfriend how to dance
6. Ash - Kung Fu
7. Editors - Lights
8. Twang - Wideawake
9. Maximo Park - Books from Boxes
10. The Smiths - How soon is now

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cashbiatch said...

m8 some great tracks on there but don't recomment 2 much of the Smiths 4 u at the moment!

with me being a girl - and obviously extremely nosy :) - would it be wrong to ask what crime you have commited that you are so sure you are going down for?