Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Plodding along


Brilliant hand earlier on... There was this player critisizing everything (nice call etc etc) in a heads up game and i was playing hyper aggresive as usual.

I was dealt Kh Ah

Raise call

Flop - Ks 7s 2s

He bet and i pushed and he called with 4s 5s and he'd flopped the flush

"hahahahahahaha nice call iddiot" he was saying in the chat box
"reeetarrd hahahaha noob" he continued

Turn Kc

"nice play fissshhyy" he continued
"thanks for your$$$$$"

River Ac


I just sent - "Love you x x x x x x x x x"

And left

I've been doing alright today, mainly from being disciplined and concentrating (and a bit of luck as seen above). I've now played 31 $5 heads up STT and won 20 and lost 11 and won 2 out of 2 six seater $2 STT. I've stopped playing the double ups, in theory they're the same as heads up and i feel i can affect the outcome more obviously in the HU games and the 10 seaters take too long.

So I started with £100 of my mates money and now have £133 so £33 in 2 days i can live with. Statking is showing 4 hours of play at $5 HU STT with winnings of £26 (give or take you cant put in decimal places) at a winrate of £6.50 an hour.. However need far more sessions for an accurate summary

Anyway am off to watch united


Amatay said...

must be nice to hit runner runner full boat fishay ;-)

Marky said...

Congrats on the wins, keep the faith and grinding out that winrate and you'll have a four figure bankroll soon :)