Thursday, December 17, 2009

Doing things wrong

Well i realised a few things last night. I recovered from that hit in my last post to finish 4th in the tourney and ship 105euros which is both good and annoying at the same time. My problems at the moment seem to be tilting too much.

i read an interesting post at littleacornmans blog that made me think. I'm not really in a good place in my head at the moment in life in general. My attitude is then being transferred onto the Poker tables so i'm tilting too easily. My bankroll is now about 365 Euros so i'm going to play the 3euro tournament and try and build that up. I'm going to avoid the cash tables and higher buy in tourneys atm till i feel confident.

From amatays comment the other day I have also joined raise the river. From just reading peoples comments to other posts has helped me a lot, and i'll start posting there soon. My first posts are going to be things like:

1. To play only MTT, what percentage would you be looking at to win?
2. How many MTT would someone who wants to do it for a living play? (not that I can do it for a living, its just I have the time to TRY and do it as i'm not working)
3. How to build chipstack midway through the tournament in a low level entry/high idiot content with people calling a lot with trash. (I have been waiting for hands to double up/get paid highly however when you get sucked out you're out, rather than winning a lot of smaller pots.

I'm also going to try and learn more. Through reading books/blogs and posts on RTR.


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Littleacornman said...

Cheers for the shout out mate.Good to see you on Raisetheriver too.