Thursday, December 10, 2009

Take a break

I'm going to stop playing for a little while i think. I'm not enjoying it really at the moment and there is no point playing i don't think when you feel bad.

I seem to be getting dead angry with everything at the moment and i don't know why. I can seem to get motivated by anything and get bored doing whatever i'm doing really quickly. I'll go over to my sisters with my mum and get bored after two minutes and want to be back home and then come back home and have nothing to do here. My mum and sister are in London at the moment so i was at home on my own yesterday and did nothing. I played some poker but didn't enjoy it and keep getting so angry with the other players when they make stupid plays and get lucky. So i end up stressed and i don't know why. My roll is about 330 Euro now which is down from the other week but i still need to remember it all started from 13euros....

I had a few films on yesterday such as eagle eye, disturbia, GI Joe and District 9. They were all good and worth a watch, especially eagle eye

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