Monday, December 21, 2009

Raise the River

Well i think i might start all my posts with the french model from the marks and spencer advert...



I joined raise the river and have posted on there and have got some really good feedback and advice from people on there.

I played two tourneys tonight for a total of 9euro buy in. I tried being a bit more aggresive and was stupid to be honest. I busted out of both when i had healthy chip stacks. I need to try and be more aggresive in latter stages and not early stages..

I amup about 15euro for the day after sitting for 2o minutes at a NL20 table. The button had just passed and i was bored so i paid the big blind which i never do but couldn't be arsed to wait for the BB. I got dealt 88 and made a set on the flop and doubled up which was nice.

Am not going to play anymore tonight. In a few days Boss hold a 10,000 Euro freeroll for players who have played 1500 raked hands over the last 30 days. On average boss only has about 10,000 players logged in during busy times and when you discount the tournament players and free play players, I'm not sure how many people will play in this?! They do get 5,000 playing free rolls but hopefully there won't be many and I can do well.

I still haven't heard about this job at Aviva. They want stupid amounts of info in a pre employment check such as passport, bank statements, P45's, Criminal Record Check, Credit Check. Hopefully i'll hear soon and start in the new year..


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