Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Fuck the Jacksons........

Non poker related rant coming up.......

I hate the fucking Jacksons. I think it's terrible... I've read a few books relating to the original Michael Jackson child molestation case against Jordie Chandler in 1993 and he is gulty as hell. Yet everyone loves him because he sang a few catchy songs.. What sort of World are we living in???

So when recently Evan Chandler, Jordie Chandlers father committed suicide do you here it on the news at all? No, but when the Molester dies you see nothing else on any news network apart from fucking retards crying with candles upset that a child molester has just died. So after Evan's death what does fucking freak Jermaine Jackson come out with?


Former Hollywood dentist Evan Chandler was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head in his New Jersey home on Nov. 5. The elder Chandler was reportedly terminally ill, but Jermaine believes he killed himself because he felt guilty.

Speaking at a charity event at the Magic Johnson AMC theatre on Monday, the “Daddy’s Home” singer said: “All the things that we’ve been through as a family, the false allegations against my brother, from the 1993 case where they were accusing him of the most horrible things. This kid’s father has committed suicide because he just couldn’t take it and now the kid has come forward and said Michael never touched him.”

Michael always maintained his innocence, and eventually settled out of court with the Chandler family in January 1994 for $22 million. Jordan, 29, also had to sign a contract agreeing never to talk about the allegations.


How deranged and nasty can you be? But coming from the Jackson family it's probably par for the course.

Jacksons.... Fuck you all

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