Tuesday, December 29, 2009

No sex please we're british...

Grrrrrr. All my thoughts at the moment are based on sleeping with someone,... anyone...

I'm not sure i've actually had sex THIS YEAR... I was seeing a girl at the end of last year and we split up in the new year so i don't think I slept with her after new year. I suppose i could see it as a good thing that I have slept with anyone this year as I was in prison for 6 months and if i'd slept with someone in jail it would have meant a quite severe change of lifestyle..!

What i've found myself doing now is giving girls I see starting hands in No limit hold em. Take Sarah Harding from girls aloud for example would be pocket aces that you would play no matter what situation. Susan Boyle on the other hand would be 72off that no matter what situation, you wouldn't go anywhere near. As i have been card dead for so long I am starting to look at hands like 34suited and A5off thinking they look appealing.... I hope it doesnt get to the stage when i'm shoving all in with a 63...

Christmas was alright as all my family were here. HAd a huge argument with a woman and her daughter who live round the corner earlier. They've basically stolen one of my mums cats that cost a fortune and she put it through quarantine which also costs a fortune. We know where the cat is and have asked them to stop feeding it and letting it in but they keep doing that so it basically lives there now. We have had it back here, but it's cruel to keep a cat locked in and everytine it leaves it goes back to their house so we don't know what to do. Today they came round saying it need to go to the vet. I said that it was nice you've basically had the cat as your own but come to us when it needs the vet. She started saying she was going to call the RSPCA to which i replied "Why because you stole our cat?" and she got arsy so i ended up saying "piss off you miserable old cow.."

The nerve of some people!!!

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