Monday, December 14, 2009

I hate my life

I am so bored at the moment. It's difficult not working and i don't know where my future lies. I would love to be able to play poker for a living. I think thats why i get so pissed off with the beats when they hit. I drift from game to game trying to find one that suits and all the while my bankroll is dropping and dropping.

I think i'm going to focus on playing PLO. I'm going to put a few thousand hands in over christmas and see how i get on..

I'm also going to play less over the next week or so before i start hitting the PLO tables and try and learn a bit more.

One thing that concerns me is this: In a previous job i needed to speak to 300 people a day to get a certain amount of sales. After doing it a while i got to the stage where i wasn't doing that and realised i'd gone too far to be able to do it so left. I hope it hasn't got to the stage with my poker that it's so ingrained in me to play the way i do, which blatantly isn't a winning play and that i can improve

Only time will tell i suppose


Amatay said...

fishay. Join my forum Introduce urself etc then posts HH's etc
It will help u bundles, i'll help u out aswell. Forums have helped my game. gl n c u on RTR ;-)

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