Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm Curfewed

So many texts off mates today saying things like:

"Where are you going tonight?" To which I reply "I'm curfewed i'm not allowed out past 19.15".

And "Are you allowed out on NYE?"

Err no...

"What will happen if you break your curfew for a night?" Errr it depends on the circumstances but If it was to go and get pissed for New Years eve in thepub i think i'd be taken straight to jail without passing go....

So i think i'll stay in!!!

I've been trying to put more volume in and have been playing double or nothing 10Man SNG, which are piss easy. I reckon I should be able to win over the long run 7 out of 10 and am playing 4 to 5 at the same time.

Entry for 10 would be £110 and winnings for 7/10 would be £140 so if i can play 30 a day entry would be £330 and winnings of £420 giving a £90 a day profit from £10 entry SNG. I'd then also generate £270 in monthly rakeback..

Can you live on that? £90 a day x 6 = £540 a week??

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