Sunday, April 25, 2010

Am going to block myself

I really don't like poker

I play alot, don't win and get frustrated and annoyed and i knowi've said it before but i'm going to stop playing. I have about $500 in different sites and am going to withdraw to neteller, delete all poker sites off the computer and spend my days doing more productive things. I think my last serious relationship ended because of poker and my life's shit now because of that break up. There are 101 things i could be doing that are more productive then poker. Punching myself in the face would be a good one, or writing a book, or going to the gym, or trying to find a decent job i don't hate but all i do like a degenerate wanker is play poker as i think i can win some money playing it but can't/won't/don't want to so won't play anymore. I'm actually tempted to fuck all the money off on a NLHE $2-$4 table for shits and giggles as i know i have no way of depositing anymore but i might as well try and withdraw it and use it productively.

I might email stars and tilt and get them to block my accounts.

See this is what pisses me off. All these fucking blog posts that piss and moan arew annoying arn't they?? As you don't really give a fuck but lots of us must fucking hate poker as we all moan about it so much. No more....

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Littleacornman said...

Don't spew it off at $2-$4 mate! I do know what you mean about playing poker not feeling productive though...then I read that 11 million watched Britains Got Talent and don't feel so bad about the hours of breakeven poker I've played recently.