Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm glad he's moving on down

Well after going to watch this game live:

Portugal v England Euro 2004

And also this game live:

England v Portugal World Cup 2006

And seeing this twat run across the pitch after being fucking lucky after seeing a goal disallowed from Sol Campbell for no reason..

Safe to say i was glad to see him fail miserably at Chelski after leaving his post as portugal manager.

So i found it REALLY funny to see who he is managing now. I think it proves that anyone could win the World Cup with Brazil and that everyone thinks he's useless as he is now manager of the mighty Bunyodkor from Uzbekistan. That's nearly the worst team in the WORLD to manage!!! I suppose he didn't hit rock bottom though and go to Liverpool or Leeds.


Daly said...

he's rumoured to be on a multi million pound a year contract, even bigger than his chelsea one!!

_Kronsdat said...

Hi Mate

Good to see you on the blogger the other night.

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So far it's working nicely and it keeps my interest - rather than just grinding the same thing all the time.

Danny said...

Great post - did you see the Arsenal result last night - very interesting scoreline for the top 5!