Friday, April 30, 2010

Liverpool v Chelsea

Well the end of the season is here again and the top of the league is close. Liverpool play Chelski on Sunday and if Liverpool win or draw then it opens the league up for United, if Chelsea win then all they need to do it beat Wigan at Stamford Bridge the next week to win the league.

So as a proper United fan there will be 1 team and 1 team only i'll be cheering on to win come Sunday.

Come on Chelsea....

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John said...

You got to fancy Chelsea with Liverpool playing 120 minutes last night, and likely feeling a bit sorry for themselves now they are out of Europe. You can only win your own games though, I hear shrekhead is back for the weekend so that is a boost for you. I hope he is fully fit, we need him for England in the summer! Without Rooney we have no chance.