Thursday, April 22, 2010


Had a brilliant day yesterday. Am into music quite alot and my favourite band for years has been Ash who to be honest arn't that big anymore even though their new material is brilliant (on their own record label now so no marketing). They were playing at the Waterfront in Norwich last night, a small venue and the concert was brilliant and they mixed a good selection of the old classics (oh yeah, Kung Fu, Shining Light) and the new stuff.

During the afternoon they played a small acoustic set at HMV in Norwich and signed copies of their new album (A-Z series Volume 1). The acoustic set was brilliant and i got a little chat in with Tim Wheeler the Frontman about what song they were going to open with that night and that i's seen they'd opened with an old obscure song called projects a few nights before.

Anyway they are BRILLIANT!!!

this is a video on youtube from the guy who was stood next to me.


Joppa Road said...

Blimey, there is a blast from the past. Although living in Hertfordshire all my life I did actually work as a lighting technician at Sound City back in 1992 at The Waterfront. Great little venue. Had a laugh there, getting hammered and crashing out at some roadies place on the Dereham Road.

Helped out with bands such as The Manics, L7, Young Gods, Cathy Dennis (made her tea), Bruce Dickenson, The Fall, The Farm etc. Those were the days.

Dream of Vegas said...

ALways loved Ash, quality.

Got your comment on mine mate, blog went tits up n deleted and re added post!!

Errr you can keep Berba mate and have Ngog to lol. I was genuinley worried when you signed him to, thought he'd be your next Cantona due to the huge hype surrounding him, yet alwaays wondered what the fuss was about at Spurs tbh. If you get 20m for him off AC as the tabloids says, you have done well!!

United113 said...

waterfront is an alright venue. There weren't many in HMV though!!