Thursday, April 29, 2010

Vote Monster Raving Looney Party

They have some interesting policies on things like terrorism:

Scary Terrorists
Ban all terrorists from having beards as they look scary.


Terror Passport
Separate Passports for Terrorists: Terrorists should be required (by virtue of law) to apply for separate passports in which they give there full contact details, number of explosives, and time (as well as location) of any plot. This would save time and money in gathering intelligence, and could also help identify the intended ambition(s) behind any atrocity(s).

and also on housing:

All new homes should be built with a swimming pool and bouncy castle as standard.
To lower the house prices and help young people I propose we erase the last ‘0’ from the price

and the NHS

Maltesers should be on prescription.

etc etc

So all funny but a little stupid, bit like labour and the tories then...

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