Thursday, December 18, 2008


Well i couldn't be arsed staying up to play the WBCOOP qualifier last night it wouldn't have finished till stupid times this morning and i had to be in Norwich for councelling at 12.30. I'll play the NLHE one tonight at 7.00.

I like the structure of these tournaments, i do much better in deep stack tournies for some reason and the 2500 starting chips and blind structures suit my play.

I've just found out that a girl i went to school with has got a download single out on itunes this week. They're trying to chart and the songs good... however due to shite factor you probably need "hallelujah" in the song title to chart this week, it's going to be in the chart 3 times with 3 peoples versions...

I had a bit of a result, my next door neighbour is moving away from her husband in January so i've said she can have all my furniture on kind of permanent loan which saves me putting it in storage whilst i'm inside.. as long as i get it back...

Anyway follow the link below for the single from my friend, what do you think??? If you like it download it from itunes, it's called "drained" and the band are Kenelis.

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