Monday, December 08, 2008

Bored Bored Bored

Well 've not updated for a bit, i've not really done anything of note to update about..

I've not heard anything new from court or my solicitor, i've not been able to find a job and it's getting to be a bad time of year to be looking. I have now been approved for job seekers allowance so £60.50 a week is now being paid directly into my mums account.

Am trying not to pay poker, my mates mansion account has dropped to about £70, some stupid beats and i think i'm playing so badly i just can't motivate myself to play.

I think i'm going to see Ocean Colour Scene at the UEA tonight which should be good!!

Apart from that just been sat at home doing nothing, i'm soooo bored... Right, its twenty past ten i think i'll eat some biscuits...

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