Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Well i took my first punt at the World Blogger Championships of online poker yesterday playing the PLO qualifier. 450 entrants top 782 qualify for the final one 21st and top 45 or so get prizes. I was doing alright was above average with about 180 left running around 40th when i was dealt AAQQ clubs and diamonds. Flop came A 4 9 rainbow and i got the table big stack all in on the flop. He called with AKxx thinking he had aces witha king but ended up hitting runner runner for the flush. so many people playing hold em hands too strong in omaha.

I'm now an hour and a half into the 2nd qualifier (hold em). again top 72 qualify for the final and 45 get other prizes. Am 84th out of 251 with just above average stack..

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John said...

You played very well and made a nice run at it, see you at the other prelims and on Sunday! Good luck.