Wednesday, December 17, 2008

World Blogging Championship Of Online Poker

Well i ended up finishing 3rd out of 559 in the NLHE 2nd qualifier for the World Blogging Championship Of Online Poker last night and won a a "Sunday Majors Gold Package" Which consists of 2 x $215 tournament tickets.

I started off just wanting to qualify but as it got to the last 72 was in the top 10 in chips and was really pushing for the win. The final table started and to be honest i don't think i was playing very well till we got down a bit and then i started to be more aggressive and things started to happen. I ended up being knocked out when KK wasn't good enough against AQ all in pre flop but to be honest i'd hit a few flops earlier so was probably deserved.

This is what the pokerstars blog said of it:

One hundred and forty-two people now have their seats for Sunday's PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker Main Event thanks in part to Tuesday's Event #2.
The top 72 players in WBCOOP's second event earned their place in the Main Event. Tuesday's no-limit hold'em contest drew 559 of the world's poker playing bloggers. As we've mentioned, this year WBCOOP is made up of six preliminary qualifiers and one Main Event. Each of the qualifying events awards 72 final seats plus thousands off dollars in prizes.

Event #2 took more than five hours to play out and saw tons of familiar names from the blogging community. Notable poker bloggers Easycure, Rakewell1, NumbBono, gadzooks64, and Loretta8 all made it to the top 72 and earned their seats in the Main Event. Top honors, however, went to the United States' malice51 who not only made it to the final, but also picked up three $215 tournament tickets, one $530 tournament ticket and a $11 tournament ticket (aka, Sunday Majors Platinum Package).

Here's how the final table broke down.
1. malice51 (United States) -- Sunday Majors Platinum Package
2. Baba_Jin (Israel) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
3. United113 (United Kingdom) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
4. MemphisM0J0 (United States) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
5. WMZeus (United States) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
6. WILLdaHAMMER (Canada) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
7. Joppa Rd (United Kingdom) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
8. maka818 (Spain) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
9. Would-Be83 (United Kingdom) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package

If you're an eligible blogger, you still have time to qualify for this weekend's Main Event. Top prizes include a full PokerStars Caribbean Adventure package and a chance to play on the European Poker Tour.

Here''s what the full Main Event prize pool looks like.

1st--PokerStars Caribbean Adventure prize package - worth $14,300
2nd--European Poker Tour prize package + SCOOP Main Event ticket + Step 6 ticket - worth $11,100
3rd--European Poker Tour prize package - worth $7,500
4th--SCOOP Main Event ticket + Step 6 ticket - worth $3,675
5th--Step 6 ticket - worth $2,100
6th--SCOOP Main Event ticket - worth $1,575
7th--$1,050 Tournament entry
8th--Step 5 ticket9th--$530 Tournament entry
10th-18th--$320 Tournament entry
19th-27th--$215 Tournament entry
28th-45th--$109 Tournament entry46th-100th--Step 3 ticket
Event #3 of WBCOOP kicks off later tonight. The 22:00ET event is an Omaha 8/b event and will award another 72 seats to the final.
Congrats to the first 142 Main Event players and good luck to everyone tonight

There was a good table crack as well. Thanks must go To Ukgatsby who was observing and chatting. It was his blog that made me aware of the WBCOOOP so i wouldn't have played in it if not for him so thanks. And if you've not read the blog you should..


Ukgatsby said...

Good railing (no observer chat on FT) Excellent performance to qualify as high as you did and hopefully you do some major damage in the Sunday Million.
gl gl

JoppaRoad said...

wp wp...was it your KJ that did my A9??