Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Useless Retard monkeys

sorry folks but how is it not possible to get tilted when things like this happen??

Is it just me on would these get everyone else's back up? Always at the start of a session so i have to stop as well.

Not enjoying playing at the moment against these players. Might just move up limits and hopefully play against better players, I really don't care if i get beaten it'll just be nice to play against proper players and not monkeys sat in a zoo somewhere.

EDIT - Just requested to take all my money out of boss. went back on then this happens.

Because it's 5 handed. the prize money is low and you can't win enough to outweigh the retard calls. All my moneys going to Full Tilt and Pokerstars for the 180 and 90 man MTSNG. I really couldnt give a fuck if i win, it'll be nice to enjoy playing again

EDIT 2 - am done with boss. deleting them as affiliate, wouldn't recommend anyone to play there. it's a terrible terrible network, which is probably why nobody plays there. plus they've been advertising a fucking $10k freeroll tonight for ages, just play 1 raked hand in 21 days etc, how many entrants?? 5000. As soon as you realise it's registering it;s fucking full. Boss ran by monkeys and fucking monkeys play on it. good night and good game you useless fucking retard network

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