Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The stupidest thing i've ever heard...

Saw this on the news tonight:

the biggest recording deal in history, worth more than $200m (£133m), with Sony Music


The deal reportedly involves 10 album projects over seven years - including one of previously unreleased material.

10 album project ok?

Guess who it is

Michael Jackson

Now if i'm getting all this right in the 50 years he was alive he released:

Off the wall
Blood on the Dance Floor

Not includin the Jackson 5 which i don't know if that is linked to this or not.

So we can expect 10 albums from Michale Jackson now he's dead, even though he only released 7 when he was alive. So if 1 is going to be off unreleased material and they just re release all the other 7 albums then what are the other 2 going to be? 2 Greatest hits albums???

Maybe a couple of charity ones for childrens charities that look after children who have suffered abuse from child molesters. Of maybe adult sufferers who end up killing themselves when they can't seem to get over the fact that Michael Jackson molested their child in the 90's (that actually did happen)

But know lets just remember that the child molester could moon walk.. I always preferred Gary Glitter anyway..

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