Sunday, March 07, 2010

9 Days to go...

Been playing quite a lot of poker in the last couple of days. Even though i know how to play the game i really don't think i fully understand and grasp things like variance to stop myself getting tilted. In the past i've always won a bit and thought that wasn't good enough so tried to find a game that i could smash and make money left, right and centre, but of course that doesn't happen.

I've been thinking about what i really want from playing poker and at the moment, being able to make a few ££££ to pay for a nice holiday sounds good to me. I've currently got about 530 Euros in my account and i want to go away for a week in April/May to somewhere exotic and then i want to go with my mate to China in September travelling round from Beijing to X'ian to Shanghai and then down to Hong Kong and across to Macau for some casino action. Now i don't want to have poker pay for all of this, but the flights/trains across china/ferry to macau all in costs £560 so am not far away with my current bankroll (that started from 13euros).

I'm not going to experiment or mess around, i'm just going to play short handed SNG either at 3euro or 5euro when my roll reaches 700. Playing these i'm never going to win a fortune but enough to be able to help towards my goal of going away. I think i'm running around 20% ROI at the moment but if i can keep above 10% i'd be happy and just put in the volume if i can. I still find myself getting tilted though even if i'm winning which frustrates me as i have to stop playing so it affects my total winnings.. I have been trying to stop balance checking as some of the guys on the raise the river forum have been speaking about but it's difficult when the balance is shown in the lobby. Am about 30euro up for the last 2 days which i'm happy with at 3euro 5seater SNG's.

Anyway on a different note, it's been nearly a year since i was sentenced in court so my sentence finishes a week on tuesday which means i'll finally be free to go out and do things i want rather than be curfewed at home like I have the last 5 and a half months... Can't wait

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