Saturday, March 27, 2010

Am giving up

Am going to take a long break from poker and then see how I feel when i come back but if i still feel like this i think i'll quit the game for good. I want to enjoy playing but can't. I wake up feeling good about things then play poker and it just gets me down. Am on stars and i thought i'd play some HU PLO but the minimum buy in is $50 which ios fine, however all the tables are full of sharks sat with up to $700. I then play some HUSNG and get some stupid beats to lose and then fire up some MTSNG and play TWO. Just TWO and the following 2 hands happen and it's impossible for me not to get disheartened. Am going to take a while of then and may not be back.

and this one for fun

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John said...

I feel like that quite often, but the day after I am always back for more punishment. Chin up pal