Monday, March 08, 2010

Site and game differences

Am going to stop playing at the moment. Poker gets me so angry. I felt positive after my last post but then as soon as you start feeling alright the cooler starts and i must have dropped 15 buy ins straight away. the moves i make I think are good, just not against the fish at 3euro levels who's calling range is massive.

People must have games they're better at and sites they do better on. This of course shouldn't be the case if all random number generators were the same but then why do some people play on one site and some another? because they feel comfortable? I feel I win more money on stars and feel i could do really well at the 90 man or 180 man MTTSNG. Even on Boss it seems i'm a break even player at short handed SNG or HUSNG but then i have nearly a 100% ROI at MTT where all my results have been in the 6Euro that has between 100-200 runners. If i can't get my money out onto stars i'll just take it out and use it for my holiday as i said in my last post.

It's just frustrating to me that because of work commitments i can't really sit and play a session of MTTSNG and can't put money into stars until i sort my neteller account out, so i'm stuck playing a game i'm break even at that tilts me.

Should that be the case? Is everyone better at some sites then others and at certain games?? Even better at one site than another at the same games??


S1ndr0me said...

See I cant make ANY money at stars. And I don't feel i can beat ANY game on thier site. Sad I know. On full tilt however I can win at all the nano stakes quite comfortably, so go figure.

I always feel I should do better at stars. more players = more fish, right? Wrong. More regs.

full tilt on the other hand and in the three months i've been playing there I've pwned NL2, NL5, NL10 + $1 and $2 Sng's. Trouble is I always thought tilt would be harder with more reg types lapping up the RB. Seems I am wrong tho

John said...

I gets ya. I seem to do ok most sites apart from full tilt. I play well I get done by the deck, I play bad I get my just deserts. I still liked to play on there though, the software for some of these European sites is a bit wank tbh.

Doomswitch said...

I took money off Stars and moved it onto Full Tilt as they gave me a $400 bonus. I just can't get on with Full Tilt at all. Cleared $60 of the bonus but lost $60 at the tables. I think you just get used to certain games and I'm sure I'll do well again on Stars. Maybe someone will do a transfer with you so you can get back on Stars?

BurnleyMik said...

Yeah it's weird, it's probably a mental hurdle tbh, but we all have those!

The main reason I moved to playing cash games was that I couldn't sit and grind for hours and hours in MTT's and SnG's. With cash I can jump in and oput whenever I have time and thats much better for me overall.

If you ever fancy playin cash, I could offer a bit of free coaching (although I still have a lot to learn I reckon I could help people beat the games under NL50)

anyways gl whatever you decide mate.

United113 said...

might take you up on that sometime mik. I always have delusions of grandeur thinkin i'll be the next Ivy but really if i could make £10-£15 a day average profit i'd be well happy... but it's not as easy as that...!!!

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