Thursday, March 11, 2010

Grumpy old man and £200 a month

I really find myself getting more and more wound up about things as i get older. Today for example i was in the supermarket and went to look for some rich tea biscuits (which by the way of not where the rich tea biscuits were last week as tesco's have moved the whole aisles around for the 290741289345 week running so you browse more) and was stood in the middle of the aisle looking for them as obviously they wern't where they were on the shelf last week. Now i was stood in the aisle and some ond women who was pushing a trolley and probably looking for them horrible raisen biscuits all old people seem to have started walking down the aisle. Now to be polite i moved backwards so she could get passed so where did she decide to stop? Yep... right in fooking front of where i was stood now looking into her back for my rich tea biscuits. Could she not see i was stood there looking for something??? It made me feel really good about moving out the way for her...

hmmmmmm understanding now why i get tilted at poker more that i used to. I contacted boss support the other day and have permanantly banned myself from chat. I was timing out on 4 tables just to say "perfect call there pre flop mate with Q7, well played, you're a genius" etc so thought it was distracting me too much so just had it switched off.

I really need to make some money from poker. My jobs shit and i think i'll take home about £1k a month. Now rent £300, car insurance £50, Storage £30 only leaves £600 a month for everything else which is alright, but won't leave me much to save for going on holiday etc so i really need to try and make £100 - £200 a month poker so every 6 months or so i'll have £600-£1200 to go on holiday with. Won't ever happen tho... probably best to use the time stacking shelves in morrisons..

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