Friday, March 19, 2010

PLO Rush

took the majority of my roll out and have busted what i had left in full tilt playing PLO rush. PLO is far more frustrating then NLHE. The players are trying to fucking play holdem i think and have no clue what they are doing sat round a PLO table which makes it even more annoying when they suck out.all the money goes in on a 56J rainbow board when i'm holding 7,8,9,10 so have most of the deck to hit and what has villain got?? Ackc2c2h..ace high but of course 2 clubs hit so am busto.

am not going to play on Full Tilt. Was going to play the 90 and 180 man but the structure's arn't right so will play them on stars.

On a different note am really tired all the time. Think i won't play tonight, just might watch some lost, get really confused and then fall asleep...

Am well happy with the champions league draw today...

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