Tuesday, March 02, 2010

My issue with the low limits

i don't want to play better players as that's just daft but i do have issues playing against the idiots at low stakes. Take the following hand for example, this guy i knew was poor and i thought i had a good read on him. I was 100% sure in this hand that he had nothing he could call me with so check raised him. Now I've won this hand but it does bring up some questions, please look and i'll carry on below:

So my read was right he really didn't have anything he could call me with. However if he's going to call with 85 after a check raise all in when he's only thinking surely he's drawing to a 6, his calling range here would be absolutely massive.

This makes it a weird situation then. Against a better player here they have to fold 85 so the right play was the play i made. However in this situation i've come to the conclusion that this is the wrong move due to the potential calling range this guy has, so am confused about how to proceed?!

Am confusing myself even writing this. When do i know when to make these kind of plays? and at what levels??

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L4Y SP said...

wot sort of an asshole raises that shit out of position and then calls for his stack with the faintest of draws . thats wot i cant compute . does everyone NOT have at least half a brain like i do. i despise them . which is obviously -ev. all i can say is DONT bluff fish. regards