Saturday, March 06, 2010

Play as me

If anyone wants to play in a Virgin loyalty freeroll on Monday at 20.00 with around 30 entrants with a 500euro prizepool split something like 200,150,100,50 euros for 1st-4th and split any winnings 50-50 then let me know.

As i say it's a freeroll so worth a pop. I'm working 1600-2200 shifts again all week at my new job so can't play.

comment if you're interested


Anonymous said...

id love to take that offer up... Il be honest ive just bust my roll so no funds to play till end of the month but im not a fish lol ! I play on stars and ongame my user name is ca$hpredator/cashpredator respectivly mainly play sng on stars and tournys and cash on ongame.....check my stats and let my no.....msn addy is

Anonymous said...


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