Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I really am getting angry easily lately. I've never been one to be aggresive at all so get pissed of with myself. This really does transfer to the poker tables and i get tilted far too easily. I think i might stop playing for a bit. The only issue with that is i really don't have much to do. When i was in prison i read 60 books in the six months i was there and i read a lot at the moment, but i can't just read all day. Saying that i'm reading "under the dome" the new stephen king book which is a good at the moment. I only really play poker in the evening so really not long enough to be profitable to a high degree so might take a break or a few weeks.

I need to go for another meeting at this agency in Norwich about finding work tomorrow, It'll be a complete waste of time i think. The more i think about it the more i think i'll go back to Spain and work in a bar. Half of me doesnt want to do this as i think back a couple of years to when i was driving a brand new BMW and earning nearly £40k with a beautiful girlfriend and my own house, so do I want to go and wash pots in a kitchen? The other half of me is concerned about NOT going and thinking that there are more important things then money. You do get used to nice holidays and good things but then i suppose i can't get a job here because of my criminal record. I suppose i'm rambling now, but i have no answers to any of this in my head...

A comment on my last post, which i appreciated, said that time was a good healer. It's been 3 years now since i split up with my ex so how long does it take to start getting better?

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Yorkshire Pud said...

I've just refound your blog again after reading it what seems like ages ago.

WTF has gone on? Jail, drugs and curfews. Any particular posts I should read?