Friday, January 08, 2010

Not going to bother

Am going to stop playing the MTT I play.The variance is too daft. I must have lost 35 flips or when really ahead in a row in important times of MTT. I'd be better off going all in at random times and trying to get lucky that seems to work for these lot i play against.

As the variance is huge my bankroll swings too much. I'm about £60 down so far in January which isn't too bad i suppose but quite a high percentage of my bankroll. Am just going to play $3 heads up SNG and 5 seater SNG.

And thats it for me blogging about poker. i might say I've been playing or i won etc but am not going to get into hands or how i'm running anymore because, to be blunt, who really gives a fuck? People might like looking at amatays or Ben Grundy's blogs to see the poker content or bluescouse when he was blogging but who really gives a fuck about me playing micro limit SNG or MTT?? Apart from me that is, who to be honest doesn't really give much of a shit about anything at all at the moment.

I think i've decided to go back to Spain for next season. Even if i get the job in the call centre here i'd hate it. I spoke to the prison today about extend the times of the curfew so i can work and they were wankers about it. My curfew is currently 1915-0715 and as it's shift work, would need the times changing to 0600 - 2300. They basically said they wouldn't do that and that i would have to call them every week and let them know what shift pattern i'm on. This means that if I'm on day shift they would extend the tag earlier but i'd have to be home earlier so all i'd be able to be out for is work which is bollox.

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