Monday, January 18, 2010

Viva Espana

I think i'm definately going to go back and work in Spain for six months when my curfew ends in March. I got called today about a sales job in Norwich for around £18k a year + commission but it really doesn't interest me. I tried calling an old friend who said they had work this season is Salou but they weren't in so i'll try tomorrow.

Went to the horse racing today at Fakenham. It was really good fun but didn't really win. Had to try and explain the odds to my mum, sister and her mate which was quite funny. It was things like "Which is better odds 4/1 or 9/2 and my mum said, i'm going to put £1 each way on a horse that was 11/10 and I said there was no point as you're risking £ to win pence as you get a fifth of the odds of 11/10. She ended up putting £2 on to win and the fucking horse came in second so i got a

"I knew i should have put it on each way"

It was a good day out though. I went to Newmarket a couple of months back and i think i prefer Fakenham as you can see more of the racing there. you can see nearly all the circuit from the grandstand.

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