Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Entered two tournaments tonight and spunked out of them both. I really don't know why i bother playing when i feel like this. Will play the PLO game in the WBCOOP tonight even though i'm shiiiite at PLO.

Away from poker i had a load of information to fill in for this job at Aviva. Now this jobs shit... it's in their call centre in Norwich for £14.5k PA. Now they have already completed so many checks such as a criminal record check, Credit check, last 2 years whereabouts check. They wanted me to fill in a medical form today. The first bit was standard such as "have you ever had a heart attack" etc. Then it asked "have you taken any recreational drugs in the last 5 years" and "have you had any drug councelling in the last five years". Now the answer to these are both yes but i'm not going to put that on this form now am i? They then wanted me to sign a form to get medical records from my GP. My GP was the first point of call when i had my drug issues so I couldn't really say no to the drug question on the form and then let them contact my GP. I ended up thinking that they can fuck off... It's none of their fecking business whether i have had councelling or not and i don't see how my medical records will help with a job on the phones. I typed NO in the drug questions box and didn't sign the consent form. I really don't want the job that much for all the shite they are putting me through.

I keep trying to get an answer about this job in spain but can't. I'm not that confident to be honest which will really upset me. After the last year with all the shit and jail and curfew i was really looking forward to 6 months away. I could have done with the money from a couple of months work at Aviva if i was going to go to spain but i'll just have to try and not spunk the 550euros in my Virgin account (and work out how to withdraw it as i now don't have a bank account) and use that.

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