Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Running like a dog

Well i ran so bad in the 13 games i played tonight. I knew i needed a bigger sample size but think i'm now well under the ROI of 10% i wanted. 10% would be about 20 Euro and i'm on about 9 profit so its a big change tonight. I have got about 6 euro in rakeback as well.

Honestly ran so bad tonight and probably stopped a bit too late after getting tilted. I really need to try and stop when i find myself tilting and stop. There are some useless cnuts though at 3 euro stakes.

Will not play till tommorrow now. I've got 33 more games to try and increase my ROI to 10%. That works out at a total profit of 30 Euro so need to run quite well. Am going to play 3 x 100 games at 3euro and then move up to 5 euro if i'm hitting an average of 10% ROI and see how i get on at that.

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