Thursday, January 07, 2010

luck not changing


Entered 3 tournies tonight am out of 2 already... Both stupid as usual. Really need my luck or variance to change soon it's getting me down. Am in a head hunter at the moment and have already taken 3 bounties so need to try and get some of the buy ins back and win for once. But i'll end up getting knocked out outdrawn like always.

Honestly the retards at these games. They hit to win a huge pot when they have 2 outs and you wonder why they called the raise in the first place. I have tried to evaluate my game to see whether i should be getting the money all in in those situations but then i think if they only have 2 outs then i am making the right move. I just have been beaten in around 30 of those in a row which is getting me down.

Edit - Allin pre AK beaten by A10 put me back in the pack, then lost AK v 66. I know its coming at the moment when it happens. As soon as i see AK v A10 i know the 10 will hit

Edit 2 - AK beaten by smaller Aces 3 times in a row and am out.. whats this variance stuff?!

Yorky it's nice to hear from you again, if you want to know whats happened the best post is probably this one:

Sorry i don't know how to link it correctly

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