Sunday, January 24, 2010

Feel bad

Fell really down today. I shouldn't play poker when i feel like this so am about 60Euros down. I really do badly when i play in this mood. Its like i want to lose. I feel so angry and would just like to be playing infront of the guy whos opposite me at the table and punch him in the face. I have moved £34 out of V point account to cover the loss.

I hate everything and can't be bothered with life today. I hate it when i get in this mood. It reminds me of a quote from Batman the Dark Knight when Michael Caine is talking to Christian Bale saying that some people just want to watch the world burn, today i just hope everything turns to shit and burns.

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L4Y SP said...

i get on a real downer when i hv to take my kids back , and yes i know about burning the cash , as if i feel i shud be punished for ruining the relationship with their mother . hmmmm , and i dont really wanna work tomorro either.