Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Thanks for that LittleAcorn i had ben trying to find what people thought was a good ROI for DON games. I actually stopped playing the games on Virgin. I was playing the 10euro entry 10 seater games and they were full of regulars. Every table had 7 of the same players on so it was a bit stupid. I was down a bit so thought i'd find a game that suited me better. I don't like the way I was playing those games either. Not playing to win so folding hands you would normally play if trying to win a tournament.

I've now gone back to the games i was playing before, 5 seater SNG's. I'm trying to embrace variance and ROI and put in as much volume as possible to try and make a return as I move up limits of just 10% ROI. I've started at 3Euro as my bankroll is currently around 420euro so i was trying to keep at 100 buy ins so will increase to 5 euro at 500 but may increase to 10 after a couple of hundred games at 5 if i'm showing a good ROI.

So far at 3 Euro's

Played - 54

Won - 14
2nd - 16
3rd - 9
4th - 9
5th - 6

Total Entry - 162
Total Rake - 16.20

Winnings - 219
Profit - 40.40
Rake back - 4.86

So well over 20% ROI currently. Need a bigger sample though

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