Saturday, January 16, 2010

Freaky shit

This website was posted on the Raise the river forum ( ) for a laugh and it's fucking freaky:

So far it's accurately got: Hulk Hogan, Einstein (Dog from Back to the Future), John Connor, Del boy, John McClane, Lee Harvey Oswald, Thomas the Tank Engine, Uncle Bulgaria, Nani, Dewey from Malcom in the Middle, Joey Tribbiani, Kermit, Ian Brown, Stephen Hawkins, Albert Steptoe, Margaret Thatcher, Paul Daniels, Uma thurman, Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill), Jaws and My Mum.

Doing really well at poker. Am multi tabling 5 seater SNG and for the first time ever i really feel like i can absolutely smash the limits i'm playing. I'm going to wait another 40euro more or so to move up limits and then another 500 euro to move up again. In the next 2 months if i can get up to the stage of playing 20Euro games I reckon i can make enough to live on. Am running at 20% ROI at the moment, if ic an get an average of 10% ROI at 20 euro entry:

Play 250 a week = £5000 in entry so 10% ROI is £500 a week + £150 rake back

Nice talking about it but i know i can put that volume in, its only 50 a day based on working 5 days. i know i could make 20% at 3 Euro so the only thing is whether the quality of players at 20 is that much better... i don't think so

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