Sunday, January 17, 2010

I OWN the $3 SNG's

I have never really felt that I can truly beat a game until now. I know my sample size is small but I feel i'm by far the best player at the table when i sit down (i am only playing 3euro limit so only playing players who probably have just learnt how to play!). I read a blog post by someone who just said that you need to find a game you can beat and put the volume in so I've been doing just that.

I've played a 150 games of 3 Euro 5 seater SNG's in a week with the following results:

150 entries totalling - 450 euros + 45 Euro Rake = 495 Euros

1st = 10.50euro 2nd = 4.50euro

Finish positions:

1st - 38 (399euro winnings)
2nd - 41 (184.5euro winnings)
3rd - 30
4th - 26
5th - 15

Total winnings - 583.50

Total Rakeback - 13.50

Total Profit Including rakeback - 102 Euro

Which i think is alright and about 20% ROI if my maths is right? Thats not right is it i need to take off the rakeback.

Now i am a bit annoyed that I finished 2nd more than i did 1st so will have to look at my HU play. Ishould be good HU, well not good but better than my opponants due to the amount of HU sng i've played...

My roll is now around 480 Euros so only 20 Euros more winnings before i move up to 5euro entry SNG's


L4Y SP said...

looking good to me , gg & gl . L4

Daly said...

yes mate get in there, stick to the plan and dont tilt!!