Friday, January 15, 2010

Synchronised Gymming

Fuck it was embarassing today. I went to the gym earlier and it's usually quiet but the weight area was packed and the CV machines were quiet/ I did a bit of weights and couldn't be bothered waiting around for the bench so i thought i'd do some CV work. I got on a rowing machine and had been on there a couple of minutes when this fit girl walked down wearing lycra bottoms and smiled at me so i kind of smiled back in the best way i could when on a rowing machine. Now there are about 7 rowing machines in a row and I was on one of the end ones and she came and sat on the machine directly next to me. Of course once she'd done this i sucked my stomach in and increased effort to make it look like i was some rowing expert, but then she started. It was so awkward i can't help but piss myself laughing thinking about it. We were kind of rowing at the same speed so going back and forward in the same time which was weird, so i started going a bit faster but she must have done the same thing at the same time so we were STILL synchronised just going a bit faster. Now this kept on for a bit until it probably seemed like I was trying to race her, so slowed down and still found the strokes being synchronised.

After that I gave up and went on the running machine... She didn't come next to me again

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L4Y SP said...

how do you know she came first time? musta been just the right speed and vibration.