Monday, February 15, 2010

First Day

Work went alright today. It was quite funny really how i'm so excited to have a job after the last year but is funny how i've fallen. When i got there they asked us to introduce ourselves and tell the group what our previous job was. I said "Hi my name's Matt and my job was national account manager for the military contract my last company had in selling identification solutions to all MoD sites in the UK and abroad". The girl after me said "Hi i'm Jess and i was a waitress".

It was a good crack though and there are some nice people who started today and the dynamic of the group was positive. I was having a laugh about the car parking situation which is the stupidest thing. We can't park at the site as there is a waiting list for car parking permits. The only place to park is a park and ride thats about 300 metres away that stops at the office. Now, there are rules stating that you can't walk out of the park and ride, you have to leave on a bus or in a car or you get a £45 fine so you have to get on the bus. The route the bust takes in the morning is direct into Norwich City centre and stops at my office on the way back to the park and ride. That will take about an hour to get the 300 metres from where the cars parked to the office. Then the route changes in the afternoon, so when you leave work you have to get the bus to the city centre again and back out!! They change the route so people can get directly to the city centre and back again during commuting hours. The thing is, there is no way around it.. Unless i find someone to pick me up who has a car parking permit.

On a different note, i was talking to my mum about a letter i read that someone had written in to the newspaper, and she showed me this clipping she'd cut out of the Melton times a few years ago and laminated. You really shouldn't, but i can't help laughing everytime i read it:

Keep up the good work

I am writing to say how excellent our ambulance service is. i have recently, on two occasions, called them out and both times the responce times were fantastiv, five minutes tops
Unfortunately my husband passed away, but all the staff were brilliant. So keep up the good work


Meteoric Poker said...

Crazy that you can't walk out of the park & ride.

What about on a bike? People must cycle to the park&ride to get a bus into town - get a crappy bike and leave it overnight at the P&R...

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

Yorkshire Pud said...

I'll try and find the web address for the national car share service. It lists everyone in your area who is willing to share a ride into work, might be worth a shot

Anonymous said...

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