Thursday, February 25, 2010


Has anyone been watching lost?? What the FUCK

Have just finished season 5 where they crashed on a plane and some of them went back to 1977 and some of them didn't. Then one of the guys was killed and then came back to life but it turns out it wasn't actually the bloke you thought it was. Then the bloke who thought he could sort it out was shot by his mum in the past whilst she was pregnant with him and then they wanted to detonate a hydrogen bomb to make the future not happen.

fuck me.....

Work's been going alright and have been really busy and have not played any poker. I should start answering insurance calls on Monday which will be alright. I spoke to one of the managers today and they earn good money so hopefully i can progress through the company quite quickly.

HAd a panic today though. To change my curfew (tag) i need to tell the prison in writing which i did earlier in the week for my shift on Monday. At 4pm today they decided to tell us we were on different shifts so i had to panic about trying to get word to the jail so I could work the shift ( i haven't told work I'm curfewed)

All should be ok, unless my mate forgets to fax the letter for me tomorrow...

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Benjamin said...

Lost is a load of b*llocks - fact.

Watched a few interviews with the stars and even they know it. Its rubbish!