Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stopping playing on Boss

Am stopping playing cash and SNG on boss

Can't get past the retards.

I have had accounts on the following sites:

Full Tilt
Poker Stars
Bet Fair
3 x I Poker Skins
Poker Syndicate
Original Mansion
Original Virgin

And they ARE Different no matter what anyone says. Trying to play HU SNG on boss is impossible. So many retards about who haven't got a clue.

This is my graph HU SNG on Boss

And on Pokerstars:

It really speaks for itself..

I remember migraiting from boss to stars before and thinking the same. I was even contacted by the poker room manager to ask why i'd left. I think this is why i prefer MTT. If you enter 10 and get donked out of 9 then the prize money in the 1 left is good enough for a tidy profit. Trying to clear the donks at SNG or HN SNG on boss means you get donked out of loads so it's hardly profitable.

I've had a look at the sharkscope leaderboards and there are NO Boss players on any of them.

EDIT - thought i'd have just one more game to see if i was being too harsh. So this hand was AFTER my post. I ended up losing this game and it really makes me think iwa 100% right to say i'm not playing on boss anymore.

EDIT 2 - GG boss GG


Doomswitch said...

Your sample size isn't anywhere near big enough. Why would you want to play against better players?

United113 said...

Sometimes it's about feeling. Blind structure/Level changes on boss are all too fast to suit the poker room in the way of getting games finished faster to get the games finished faster to increase rake (have been told this by the virgin poker room manager). It's not about playing better players, it';s more about having the time to play more poker against players and not resort to fold or shove poker because of the blinds and getting sucked out on that happens on boss.

United113 said...


Boss starting blinds 15/30 level change 3 minutes

Stars starting vlinds 10/20 level change 10 minutes

United113 said...

Sorry that didn't make much sense.

I don't want to play against better players. the main problem on boss is that the blinds on HU SNG go up too quickly so after not very long it becomes shove/fold. You find yourself being outdrawn loads which frustrates me as i think i can beat players if given time. On stars you have a 10 minute blind structure so I feel i can outplay players alot better and win more games which i feel shows in the graphs. I know the sample size is small, but the way i feel is that i'd be more profitable on stars for the reasons given.