Friday, February 05, 2010

Most annoying fold ever?!?!


Am about -20 already today with hands like this:

this is getting stupid

I'm stopping for a bit. I'll have to drop levels to NL4 as this is ridiculous. My bankroll cant cope with this. It was £672. Poker Tracker is saying today i am - $23 over 385 hands but according to my stats that i checked before logging on i am -£30 at NL10 thats nearly 4 buy ins in 385 hands.

It is stupid and i can't understand why i do well at MTT and SNG and not cash.

So far for all the cash tables i've played stored in PT3 i have 6577 hands and am - $67.79 which must be wrong as i say earlier i've lost more than PT3 is showing.

I LIKE playing cash though it's just frustrating that i can't seem to be able to get the hang of it. Am going to play at a maximum of NL4 until i work out whats wrong.

The thing, is i fully understand about variance but there are these points to consider:

1. Am i good to begin with? How do you know that your losing is just varience and not just because you are a bad player?

2. I don't feel confident i'm making the righ decisions alot of the time, unlike when i play MTT and SNG. I DO make mistakes playing those but on the whole I know what to do.

How does playing cash differ to MTT play?? Or does it?


Meteoric Poker said...

If it helps you played all of those hands exactly right imo...

The buzz from winning a hand never seems to outweigh the crap feeling of a suckout. Stupid game :-(

John said...

that AQ vs K9 hand was just horrible... dirty fishy donkey bastards!