Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Well i thought i'd be doing well in the sit and go race after playing loads yesterday but i just checked the leader board and am miles behind and lying 24th!! am going to give up!! I don't feel like playing low limit games where people call with things like this:

So am about 30euros down with the effort so not too bad. I never realised how much of a gap there was between games beofre. I have dropped to 1euro entry for the SNG races and its really hard to win playing the same way as i normally do. Peiople really do call with anything:

So will go back to my normal MTT schedule and the odd 5euro SNG and i really want to play more NL10 cash so will do that now and see how i do.

In normal life, haven't really done much. I might go and see avatar again tomorrow as i thought it was brilliant. I start work on the 15th as well which im really NOT looking forward to.


Boom said...

ya, that rally was insane. do you want to do a link exchange with our blogs?

Boom said...

linked you as well, good luck