Thursday, February 18, 2010


jesus is this what it's like in the real world?!?!

I'd not worked for a year and before that for 6 years had worked from home. Now i did have early starts when i worked from home and long days. I remember once leaving home at 03.00 to get to Stanstead when i had to visit JHQ Rheindahlen in western germany for a meeting with the MoD. I flew to Dusseldorf and back in a day and got home at 01.00 so was on the go for 22 hours but then didn't do much the next day. This week has been really really hard! Waking up at 0700 every morning and getting home between 1800 - 1900 depending on when i can get picked up because i can't get the bus because the route is stupid.

Works been going ok. Just going through insurance types etc which is a bit dull. the women training us is really fit which is all i seem to think about while she's talking to us..

Not played poker at all, miss it a little bit.

I'll update more at the weekend when i feel a bit better, there have been some funny things happened this week.

Anybody know what happened months ago with isildur1?? there's talk on RTR but not sure what heppened, did he get beaten badly by people?

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Yorkshire Pud said...

Isildur went on a huge heater at $500/$1000 games on Full Tilt and took Durrrr for around $5,000,000.

He then proceeded to spunk it all off at PLO and lost $4.1m in a single session to Brian Hastings.

He went from a $5-$6m winner to a $2m loser in less than a month! Now he's back and won $1.187m in 30 hours!

Guy is a fucking nut job