Sunday, February 07, 2010

I'm so bad

Well the reason i get tilted so much is not due to the fact i get annoyed by beats, it's mainly when i get annoyed with myself for not being able to get away from hands and losing money. I think thats what the better players can do, get away from those hands i can't at the moment. Even though i'm rolled for NL10 i'm going to play a maximum of NL4 until i can win! On boss they have 5 seater tables and 10 seaters, i'm only going to play the 10 seaters from now on until i'm better and am going to be more patient and play super tight. I think i've been playing far too many hands so will tighten up and play top 10.

I need to start watching more tutorials on youtube. I watched a couple of the cardrunner ones and found them useful.

I start work a week tomorrow and am not really looking forward to it. It'll be good to earn some money and maybe book a fortnight all inclusive holiday to the Maldives or somewhere else in the Indiana Ocean afte the curfew finishes in 6 weeks or so. I really need to get away after the year i've had.

P.S - united are looking foooking brilliant ATM


S1ndr0me said...

i play everso tight in normal 6max games 16/14 or so. Still manage to turn a tidy profit upto NL10

S1ndr0me said...

added you to my blog roll too