Thursday, February 04, 2010

NL10 is impossible

It's so frustrating. I can win at MTT. I do really well and make a load of cashes and final tables and do well at SNG. I'm just throwing good money after bad though at the cash tables. It's impossible. How the fuck can you get past players like this:

King fucking 8 all in and look SAME FUCKING PLAYER

Jack 6off. It's impossible to win against these players it really is. I'm now 25euro DOWN for the month already in cash games after about 1500 hundred hands. How can i not get this?!?! It's the SAME GAME!!


Razboynik said...

I have the same problem - win a sngs and lose in the cash games.
It's an enigma...

ROSSI said...

i think u just gotta play it over thousands of hands.
there was a post on 2+2 saying how varience was a hundred times more prominent in poker than what players think.
I play cash and have the opposite thoughts to you. Everytime i play tornys and sit for hours building up good stack some donk lucks out on me and i get knocked do people win at sngs and mtts?!!!

havin_a_laff said...

FWIW - as I am a micro player please take this with a pinch of salt ...

hand 1 - well done you had him crushed - standard bad beat v standard donk

hand 2 - I think a 5x isolation raise is a more standard size. you could make it 6x to discourage anyone else from entering the pot. when he limp reraises even though he was bluffing and your AQ is probably ahead of or at least flipping with most of his range, you could probably fold and not worry about it. once they suss that you will come after them when they limp, donks like that also love to limp reraise with big hands or medium pairs or JUNK! Even though you have position and a good top pair hand, some might argue that you should 4 bet or fold in this kind of situation. you will have plenty of opportunities to take his money.

hand 3 - the isolation raise is a nice aggressive play but because the smaller bet size gives him better odds to call to try and hit i think you should make it bigger (e.g. 1.25). because of the draws he is probably not folding if he has hit any part of the board so betting the turn probably isn't profitable unless you think the Ace is a scare card. As he is probably a station, just checking the flop and trying to get to showdown cheaply would also be OK.

Daly said...

just grind it out mate, ive just had a 3000 hand session and was down 4 buy-ins with some extreme shite but over the long-run it will work out. you have rakeback?

The blindman said...

1500 is nothing. Over that many hands, your winrate disappears into the noise of variance. You are probably crushing NL10 long term, but you have to play an awful lot of hands to realize the winrate.

As Daly mentioned, you must get rakeback.

United113 said...

yeah get 34% from Virgin.

havin_a-laff - absolutely right, I think half my problem is thinking i need to playt the game differently to the way i platy SNG and MTT when i don't think i do. Am going to try and play a few more 1000 hands and see how i do.

Rossi - I really need to embrace variance a lot more. I did lose a huge pot KK v A2 (i've posted the HH on Raise the River) and i suppose if i'd won that i would have been + 15 for the day and feeling better