Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More MTT

Played a few MTT again tonight and last night and it felt good to get away from the cash for a while. I went deep in a rebuy yesterday and got knocked out with possibly the worst piece of fishy useless poker I have ever done in my life in 49th when running 5th and 734 started.

I feel quite good about poker at the moment. I'm down about £65 this month but have generated about £30 in rakeback. I've been playing a load of cash and losing. i actually feel good about this. A while ago whilst playing MTT and winning i thought that i knew loads and just couldn't win loads and loads. Having started playing cash i realise how little I actually know. Over the last week or so i've not been playing MTT to concentrate on the cash tables but thats's stupid. I win on MTT so i need to carry on playing. I was about £200 up on MTT in January which doesn't sound a lot but for the number i play is good. Am going to play in the 19.00 - 1Euro Rebuy, 3euro guaranteed at 19.35 and the 6euro at 20.00. Maybe also the 5euro headhunter but that does my head in.

My current financial situation (no bank accounts at all) means that i can only play with the current bankroll I have on Boss. The MTT i do the best in is the 6euro where i regulaly cash and FT and it usually has between 150-200 entrants. I would love to play the 90 or 180 man multi table SNG on stars as i think i'd be really good at those, but can't add any money to stars.

If anyone happens to have accounts at stars and a boss skin then please let me know then i can swap some cash from one to the other.

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BurnleyMik said...

If you wanna take a shot at 40 x 180's on stars (sstart with thge $2 ones) I'll give you a stake mate.

PM me on the forum and we can work out the details.